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About Us

Mission Statement: Committed to recognizing the marketing and branding needs of inspired individuals from a myriad of artistic expressions to produce high quality content, and marketing campaigns.

Artist Development Agency is a small collective of creative minds who specialize in developing culturally connected strategies to generate awareness for a range of talented individuals.

With ever changing technology, the playing field becomes more level for independent artists allowing them to gain awareness through a number of digital platforms. The downfall to this is that everyone seems to know this, opening the floodgates for every aspiring artist, producer, or designer with access to the latest program of choice. The goal is to stand out in these masses, when being talented just isn’t enough. So, we work to create campaigns for creatives that are not only cool, and convincing but impactful.



Project Management

Artist and Repertoire

Production Coordination


Content Development

Treatment Development

Location Scouting


Video Editing

Event Production/Tour Management

Event Marketing + Promotion

Budget Drafting + Management

Graphics + Signage

Tour Routing + Management



Strategic Development

Branding/Identity (Art Direction + Web + Graphic Design)

Marketing (Email/Social Media/Guerrilla)

Campaign Development and Implementation

Creative Team

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Sean McMillan

Marketing Analyst + Consultant
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Passion is the key element in turning any creative impulse into a self sustaining brand. I rally behind our clients passions and chisel out the end product. With years spent in venue and artist management coupled with brand relationships acquired from pursuing my own passions as an artist Im fully confident that ADA possesses the tools and perspective to bring your ideas to fruition.

Kayode Balogun

Co-Founder/ Managing Partner
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Independent professional with over 10 years of experience, specializing in content production as well as artist and brand development. He uses unique ideas coupled with his connection to music, art and culture, and talent for design, to fuel his passion for creativity, resulting in effective branding tools.

David Reynolds

Co-Founder/ Creative Director
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As a US based marketer, Dennis has established background experience in designing and implementing strategic models for Fortune 500 companies. For the past 7 years he has developed knowledge and experience in digital strategy campaigning. This includes the best practice use and implementations of email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing and paid advertising with measurable analytics and results.

Dennis Paredes


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Artist Development Agency

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